Jia Huo Seafood Trading

We are a growing company in Malaysia who specialize in produce and export high quality processed sea cucumber like Golden Sandfish (H. Scabar Versicolar), Sandfish (Holothuria scabra) . We mainly sell Golden Sandfish directly to end users in Singapore and Malaysia.

Currently we have our operations  across Maritime Southeast Asia and being active in Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

In Jia Huo Seafood Trading, we believe in direct selling.

  1. We buy directly from fisherman and processed by our own.
  2. We have strict control on processing and quality.
  3. The goods are fresh and high quality.
  4. The price is lower than market.
  5. We sell to end user directly, avoid middle man. Customer can get good quality goods at lower price from us.

In Jia Huo Seafood Trading, We prefer customer to buy from us direct from Internet, via email, phone or walk in to our shop in Impian Emas Skudai. Customer can buy small volume of golden sandfish from us at whole sales price.